The partners at Goense Capital Partners have worked together for twenty five years to build industry-leading companies.

The tenure of our business relationship speaks to our desire to create long-lasting relationships with the companies in which we invest.

John M. Goense


(312) 543-2721

John founded Goense Capital Partners, a private investment firm started in 2008. Goense Capital Partners invests in labor-centric service businesses, typically in large, fragmented industries. It seeks to build industry-leading companies through acquisitions and by providing superior customer service, creating operating efficiencies and driving organic growth.

Erik W. Bloom


(847) 962-6441

Erik is a Partner of Goense Capital Partners, where he and John pursue their strategy of building industry-leading service companies. Erik began his private equity career in 1991 and has been working with John since 1995, playing key roles at Allstate Private Equity, Goense Bounds & Partners and Goense Capital Partners.