Investment Success and Operating Knowledge

Based in South Florida, Goense Capital Partners follows an uncommon path when investing in and growing companies. We don’t utilize a fund; we invest our own money. We view ourselves as partners in the success of the companies in which we invest. As partners, we view our role as providing the capital, resources and strategic guidance needed to foster growth.

About us

The principals each have nearly 30 years investing; partners for 24 years

We invest our own capital, we are all in. We don’t invest with the intention of a “quick flip” exit. We have the capital and patience needed to support long-term growth in the companies in which we invest. When we partner with a company, we commit to existing management. Why? It’s because we don’t invest in companies unless we have a high degree of confidence in the ability of existing management to be ongoing partners in our mutual success.

Have managed over 1 Billion of capital

John M. Goense


John founded Goense Capital Partners, a private investment firm started in 2008 after leading three successful private equity businesses over 20 years. Goense Capital Partners invests in labor-centric service businesses, typically in large, fragmented industries. It seeks to build industry-leading companies through acquisitions and by providing superior customer service, creating operating efficiencies and driving organic growth.

Erik W. Bloom


Erik is a Partner of Goense Capital Partners, where he and John pursue their strategy of building industry-leading service companies. Erik began his private equity career in 1991 and has been working with John since 1995, playing key roles at Allstate Private Equity, Goense Bounds & Partners and Goense Capital Partners.

Our Portfolio

History of Success

Our ambition is to acquire and grow mid-sized companies that have enjoyed success in their markets. Our expectation—based on our performance to date—is that we will partner with them to take them to new levels of success and market leadership. Visit our portfolio page to see a sample of past & present companies in which we have invested.
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The Arcticom Group
Bayview Financial
Imagine Technology Group
Latite Roofing
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