We are a Private Investment firm with deep experience

We are professionals who have both a strong track record of investment success and solid operating knowledge. Over the years we have worked with companies large and small and across a variety of business sectors; we have, over our careers, managed investments in excess of $1 billion. That experience has defined our business focus today. Bottom line: we like working with mid-sized companies and taking a long-term investment perspective.

At Goense Capital Partners, we appreciate, understand and embrace legacy continuation for owners and founders. Consequently, we work with management teams to help build upon the people, reputation and, importantly, culture which have made their businesses successful thus far.

We invest our own capital

We are all in. We don’t invest with the intention of a “quick flip” exit. We have the capital and patience needed to support long-term growth in the companies in which we invest. When we partner with a company, we commit to existing management. Why? It’s because we don’t invest in companies unless we have a high degree of confidence in the ability of existing management to be ongoing partners in our mutual success.

We care about…







Long Time Partnership

We roll up our sleeves to provide day-to-day support to our management teams in regard to key growth activities, including: defining or refining market strategies; developing compensation plans that provide true incentive to perform; process improvement; financial reporting and cash management; human resources and employee selection, development and retention; enhancing technology capabilities to provide our managers with the important data they need to effectively and profitably manage their operations