John Goense, Partner

John Goense is a Partner of Goense & Company and is responsible for the overall leadership of the Partnership. He also leads individual investments on behalf of the Partnership. Goense & Company is the fourth private equity group Mr. Goense has led and the third which he has founded. He has been responsible for the management of more than $1 billion of private equity investments.

Mr. Goense began his private equity career in 1988 as founder and President of Heller Equity Capital Corporation. The partners at HECC completed twenty-one investments totaling $128 million in the smaller middle market by 1995. In 1996, Mr. Goense joined Allstate Insurance Company as Managing Director responsible for its $750 million private equity portfolio and managed the highly profitable repositioning of that portfolio. The repositioning involved a shift away from Allstate’s historical emphasis on early stage venture investments to a focus on investing in middle market buyouts, primarily as the lead sponsor, consistent with the strategy pursued by Mr. Goense at HECC. The team assembled by Mr. Goense invested $224 million in thirteen middle market buyout transactions. In 2000, Mr. Goense co-founded Goense Bounds & Partners, L.P., a $225 million private equity fund focused on smaller middle market buyout investments, which he continues to manage with Mr. Bloom and Mark A. Bounds. Mr. Goense has served on the Board of Directors of numerous companies, currently including U.S. Builder Services, CrossCom National and Restoration Holdings.

Prior to entering private equity investing, Mr. Goense held positions in investment banking and commercial banking and managed a successful start-up company. From 1977 to 1980, he was employed by Harris Bank. He then co-founded and managed American Paging, Inc., a telecommunications company which eventually was publicly traded. In 1984, Mr. Goense joined Kidder Peabody & Company’s investment banking group, where he concentrated on mergers and acquisitions and financing activities until leaving to found HECC.

Mr. Goense graduated magna cum laude from Aquinas College with a BS degree in Accounting and Business Administration and earned an MBA from the University of Chicago.


Contact Information

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